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McAfee: A Strong Antivirus Program for Your System

McAfee is more than just an antivirus program, it can not only secure identity but also make sure that your personal life stays away from hackers. For more than 30 years, McAfee is trusted to protect your system from all sorts of viruses and malware. It is easy to download and install this program. Its full version contains various components like Firewall, anti-spam, parental control, shredder, web shield and many more. These components work together to keep you safe online. But as we all know “more the features more will be its complications”. Same is the case with McAfee. It does get infected with technical issues which will make it weak on cyber attacks.

Use McAfee Technical Service to Improve McAfee Functioning

McAfee Virus Scan

This is an antivirus program created by McAfee Inc. but one cannot have it separately, they need to install McAfee LiveSafe, McAfee Total protection or McAfee antivirus Plus to have it. This is specially designed to make management of antivirus software on several computers easier. The main use of an antivirus program is to keep your system safe from virus, thus it is necessary to run a full system scan on regular basis.

To run a full system scan on McAfee Total Protection follow the given steps:

  • Double-click McAfee icon and open its interface.
  • Click the Update button to keep the database of McAfee updated. (This is recommended before running full system scan)
  • After the update, click “Real-time scanning” option.
  • Then click “Scan your PC”.
  • This will open a new window on which you need to click “Run a Full Scan”.

The software will start scanning your PC and once the scan process gets finished it will ask you to take appropriate action to remove the virus from your PC. The above steps are only applicable for McAfee Total Protection; if you are using any other McAfee product then you can learn about its settings and adjustments for running a scan from our customer care executives. They will answer all your questions and help you learn how to run a virus scan so that your system stays secure.

McAfee Anti-Spam

Emails are the first thing that hackers try to hack as through your email account they can access full knowledge about your personal life and banking details. Thus, it becomes necessary to keep our email accounts safe along with our computer. McAfee Web and Email protection have an anti-spam feature which checks all the incoming emails to see if they are safe to open or not. In case, the software finds anything suspicious about these emails then it automatically sends these emails into the junk folder.

By installing Anti-Spam feature you can protect your inbox from spam and phishing attacks. Advanced user can access additional benefit from this feature:

  • You can decide how aggressively you want the filter to work.
  • A genuine website can be added to the trusted list.
  • You can add known senders into Friend’s list so that their message never sent to the spam
  • You can create your own rules for filtering.
  • In fact, you can add a Webmail account to check the emails that you receive through the browser.

In fact, McAfee gives you the option to cross-check the emails that are sent to junk folder and in case you want to restore any message then you can easily do it. The user always has the option to disable this feature if they are facing any issue with their email account. It is suggested that before troubleshooting your email account issue you should turn off Anti-spam.

Parental Control

McAfee understands every parent’s concern this is why they have launched this Parental Control feature. Parental Control feature help to keep your kids safe in this online world. You can assign the age group of your kids to make McAfee know which content is appropriate for them and which is not. You can even allow or block specific websites and limit their time duration they can spend on the web. You can protect your Parental Control settings with a password so that no one else can make changes in its settings except you. A Parental Control can:

  • Filters the inappropriate sites as per the age group decided by you.
  • You can manually block sites which you think are not suitable for them.
  • You can decide how much time they can spend on the internet.
  • You can even receive alerts about their online activities.
  • You can allow those sites which you think are appropriate for your child.
  • By adding password you are having full control of Parental Control settings.

But for this, the user needs to have administrator control. Only the administrator can decide protection rules for each child. For creating an administrative password you have to login to your Windows PC as an administrator. All this make McAfee even better. With this feature, parents can stay carefree and do their work while their kids are online. Although, if you have any question about this feature or want to know about its settings then you can consult McAfee technicians at any time.

What Can Affect McAfee Antivirus Functioning?

Installation and un-installation issue

An incorrect installation of McAfee program can cause the various issues to its user in future. Thus, the user should always consult a technician before installing the program. Similarly, if you are facing an issue in removing this antivirus program from your PC then you can use McAfee removal tool for the same.

Disable Auto-Renewal of McAfee Subscription

However, it is suggested that one should keep auto-renewal enabled to avoid any risk with your PC. But a lot of time we want to decide on ourselves whether we want to continue with McAfee subscription or not. If McAfee automatically gets renewed then it deducts the amount for the subscription automatically without your intimation.

McAfee Making system slow

This is a known fact that an antivirus program uses a lot of system resource while performing scan process. This makes the system perform in a sluggish manner. You can avoid this issue by scheduling your scan to the time when you are not using your PC or by customizing your scan so that its uses minimum resource.

Problem in Updating McAfee

If you want complete protection for your PC then you need to keep your antivirus database up-to-date. This is necessary as on regular basis new viruses are coming into the online world. By default, McAfee automatically gets updated but if it misses any update then you should manually update your antivirus software.

Not Able to Activate McAfee

This mostly happens when the user tries to re-install the program. While activating the program the user get an invalid key error. There can be different reasons behind this error. The first thing you should check is that you have entered a correct product key. Also check that language and country is correctly filled.

Receiving Unwanted Pop-ups and Notifications

Isn’t it irritating that while you are watching a movie, playing your favorite game or giving a presentation, a McAfee pop-up appears? Yes, it is. You can definitely disable or at least minimize these unwanted pop-ups and alerts, although, you will continue receiving important notifications like updates.

How to Bring McAfee Back on Track?

There are a number of issues associated with an antivirus program. Same happens with your McAfee program. A single problem with your antivirus can make it weak and vulnerable to cyber problems. One cannot neglect these issues as otherwise, they are going to be responsible for the outcome. Any technical problem with your McAfee needs to be rectified on time and that too in a proper manner. This is only possible with the help of proper support from experienced people. To reach antivirus personalities, you can dial McAfee Help Number UK. Only at this platform, you can access correct form of resolutions for your antivirus. The following reason proves that we are the best in the industry:

  • Our teammates have enough experience that they can handle any issue with ease.
  • You can call us at any time as we are 24/7 helpline without any off or holiday.
  • You can reach us through a phone call, email or chat.
  • We also offer remote service in which we have limited access to your system under your surveillance.
  • The technical team keeps itself updated with product knowledge and its issues.
  • We have economical charges without compromising with the quality.
  • Our first call resolution rate is 99%.
  • We offer the guarantee for our services.
  • We aim to provide instant service and permanent solutions.
  • Our big team of techies ensures that no client has to wait in the queue.
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