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McAfee Total Protection can be considered as a do-everything security suite. It has all that one can ask for in an antivirus program. Now McAfee has shifted its focus from Antivirus, Internet Security and LiveSafe to McAfee Total Protection (MTP). You can have it for almost all the devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. This software comes with a bundle of features like the spam filter, Firewall, real-time malware protection, parental control and many more. It promises to keep your system free from virus, and even if your system gets infected with any virus and malware then you have the option to connect with experts on McAfee contact number UK, they will surely make your system virus free.
In this section, we are going to discuss the main features of McAfee Total Protection:
• McAfee Active Protection: If it finds anything malicious then it either quarantines or blocks it so that it cannot cause any damage to your PC.
• Network Manager: It keeps your home Wi-Fi protected and blocks unknown devices from accessing your Wi-Fi.
• Global Threat Intelligence: It uses real-time protection by collecting data from 100 million McAfee users to categorize threat data from actionable intelligence.
• Site Advisor: Identifies if the site that you are trying to visit is safe, unsafe or potentially risky.
• File Lock: Keeps your sensitive data protected. Even if your system got hacked, lost or stolen then too no one can have access to encrypted files.
• Shredder: It can securely destroy electronic files. The files that are once shredded cannot be recovered.
• Anti-Spam Email Filter: It keeps a check on all the incoming emails and if it finds anything suspicious then it put that email into the junk folder.
• Vulnerability Scanner: It lets you know which software needs to be updated to patch potentially security holes that online threats can damage.
• Quick Clean: It helps to improve your PC performance by deleting unnecessary cookies and temporary files that are making your system slow.
• Parental Control: This feature is like a blessing for parents. It allows parents to keep a watch on their kid’s online activities and limit their time on the web. This also helps to keep their kid’s safe in the online World.
• Social Network Protection: It uses the red, yellow and green icon for indicating that social media post of your friend is safe to click or not.
• NetGuard: It has a two-way Firewall that monitors and stops internet traffic in and out of your PC that is trying to connect you to suspicious servers or known botnets. Basically, it stops hackers from having access to your system.
We have mentioned the main features of this security program, there are many more which make it a must buy for any computer user. But as the software is filled up with abundant of features, its user interface is more complex than a normal antivirus program and it becomes difficult for a common user to understand it. For this purpose, you can take instant assistance from McAfee executives whom you can call at McAfee helpline number UK. These professionals will let you understand these components of MTP and they will also help you in their configuration.